"The elimination therapy"


The elimination of vitiated doshas through the bowel


Relieves Pitta and Pitta related problems as well it rejuvenates the body

Best For

All pita aggravation problems, suitable for everybody


After a proper observation, we give the patient some liquid food with little salt and a regime in diet for that day. Following days very easy digestable food can be taken to slowly go back to normal food schedule.


Purgation should be done mostly after Vamana (emisis). Purgative drug should be administrated only after the completion of the period of Kapha predominance, after oleation and sudation. The day before purgation, light and warm food should be taken. Purgative doze should be decided only after proper examination of the patient. To prevent vomiting sprinkle some cold water over the face immediately after administrating the purgative drug. Then wash the mouth with hot water and ask the patient to smell fragrant substances. Afterwards, give little quantities of hot water at regular intervals to support the process. Never use cold water, even not for washing. Tin induce bouts, massage gently with the palms over the abdomen. If the purgative drug is being digested without its function, second doze can be given on the same day. This is the most accepted elimination (purification) therapy.




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