Vajeekarana Chikitsa

"The virilification (aphrodisiac) therapy"


After proper consultation with doctor the person will be submitted for purification therapies(panchakarma) to clean the body and then treated with special food  and aphrodisiac herbal recipes.The different treatment procedures,food and medicinal preparations will be suggested by the doctor.The duration for the treatment will vary according to the condition of the person.minimum period is 21 days. During the time of treatment any kind of body straining is prohibited including exposing to heavy wind and sun , sexual relation , swimming etc.Food should be taken only according to doctor's advise.


It bestows contentment, nourishments, children of good quality, continuity of progeny, the person become capable to have serial encounter with the woman with great strength like horse, by which he becomes loved by woman and by which the body of person gets nourished and immunized.

Best For

  • Promoter of strength, vigour and vitality
  • Male infertility


After the treatment the person should follow restrictions on daily routine,food etc advised by the doctor for a particular period.


Vajeekarana chikitsa is Aphrodisiac Therapy deals with treatment to nourish the reproductive tissue and cure diseases like impotence sterility etc.and makes man sexually strong.

The treatment procedures are internal oleation,different types of  external oleation therapies,Purgation,Decoction enema,oil enema,Nasal therapy,Sirodhara etc..accompanied by special food like milk, meat soup etc. and aphrodisiac medical preparations.


The persons who are suffering from obesity or any kind of serious illness are not apt to do this treatment.


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