ksheere dhara

"Streaming with milk"


Milk, especially cow milk is the liquid used for Ksheeradhara but in some occasions, buffalo milk also can be used. In both cases herbal decoctions are added with the fresh milk. At least two well-trained attendants are necessary to carry out this treatment effectively, poring medicate milk in a synchronized way over the entire body and forehead. The treatment is carried out in all seven standard positions. Ksheeradhara is recommended for diseases caused by a Vata-Pita disorder.



• Provides good sleep and improves memory • Relives high level of mental stress or physical stress. • Revitalizes the body • Reduces Pita related problems  

Best For

• Everyone  


Medicated bath.



Depending upon the body constitution different herbs are selected for the preparation of decoction like sandalwood, vetiver, cyperus, green gram, black gram etc. as per the condition of the patient .

This relaxing treatment bestows energy and preserves the youthfulness. It also relieves mental or physical stress.



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