Special Multiple Sclerosis

"The vitiation of Humours (mainly VATHA) along with Blood (RAKTA) may lead to obstruction of channels (SPROTHAS), which eventually causes neurological disorders."


Multiple Sclerosis is an Auto immune disease affecting the nervous system due to the  demyelination of central nervous system.It is characterized by the plaques formed at the different areas of white matter of central nervous system.

The diagnostic methods are CSF to detect the presence of T lymphocytes , MRI of head to identify plaques.

According to Ayurveda point of view M.S is a typical Vatha prominent  disease.






Special care



Trivandrum Airport pick-up & drop
Comfortable room with attached bathroom, hot & cold shower, daily room cleaning etc
Daily treatment up to 2 hours
Main consultation and daily consultation with ayurveda doctors
Daily 3 ayurveda meals and an ayurveda snack according to Dr’s suggestions
Lab test
All ayurvedic medicine during the treatment period
Warm ayurvedic herbal water around the clock

Today's Price

Period Pay Basic Standard Standard Plus Standard Delux Suite Wooden Loft Airy Wooden loft Airy White loft
30 Days Single 3154€ 3,325€ 3,631€ 4,067€ 4,595€ 5,143€ 5,287€ 5,467€
30 Days Double 5454€ 4,823€ 5,315€ 5,953€ 6,727€ 8,092€ 8,272€ 8,488€

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