sneha vasthi

"The lubrication enema"


Administration of medicated oil or ghee into the bowel through anal route


It expels the doshas rapidly and easily from the body and nourishes the body

Best For

For all Vathaja disorders


After observing the proper signs and symptoms, light diet should be given after the enema treatment.


It should be given in day during the cold season and in the other season during the night. After doing gentle massage and sudation, the person is advised to have the ¾ quantity of his usual meal. After meal, the patient has to walk for some time and if he is having some natural urges, allow to pass out. Ask the patient to lay in the left lateral position and do the enema. The maximum duration for the withdrawal of the snehavasthi dravya is 3 Yama (9hrs). It is important to note that never administrate sneha Vasthi on an empty stomach


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