sarvanga dhara

"Full body – suitable liquid pouring"


In this treatment pouring suitable liquid all over the body while being massaged simultaneously. This is for rejuvenating and rebalancing some Vatha vitiation simultaneously


It gives full relaxation to the muscles and mind, relieves the body from general weakness, stiffness, neurological problems, arthritis etc.


Best For

  • For people who need rejuvenation
  • For people who aspire the balance of body and mind
  • Suitable for everyone


Taking a medicated water bath according to the advice of the physician.



Sarvangadhara is the process by which the warm medicated oil or medicated milk is applying to the body. Warm medicated oil or milk depending upon the condition of the patient is poured on the body either by a handy vessel or by dipping a piece of cloth in the warm oil and squeezing it all over the body. This procedure is done by 2 persons on each side. The oil or milk is heated every now and then to maintain the temperature at 30-40 degree Celsius according to the atmospheric temperature. This procedure is usually done for 7, 14 or 21 consecutive days.

Sarvangadhara is an excellent treatment for the body and mind. It is also a unique treatment for healthy people providing rejuvenation to body and mind. It gives strength to the tissues, promotes the digestive fire and so strengthens the immune system. This improves the body texture and cognitive functions, stimulates the functions of the sense organs, provides sound sleep and reduces physical and mental stress.

There are different kinds of Sarvangadhara depending on the use of liquid important are:
1)Snehadara – Medicated oils
2)Ksheeradara – Medicated milk
3)Dhanyamladara – Medicated rice soaked water
4)Takradara – Medicated butter milk



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