""Keeping the oil on the head""


Shiro Vasthi is an important external oil application therapy. According to the condition, selected medicated oils are poured into a cap fitted around the head of the patient. To keep the temperature of the oil steady, the oil keeps changing frequently.


Shiro Vasthi shows good results on headache, earache, and tinnitus, some cases of deafness, facial paralysis, dry mouth and nose and in some cranial nerve diseases

Best For

• Those who have headache, earache, tinnitus, etc.


Gentle massage of the head, back, jaws, neck and the space behind the ears for 1-2 mints. The treatment should be followed by a medicated bath.


This is one of the important external oleation methods in which Medicated oil is retained over the head with the help of specially designed elongated leather cap. It provides rejuvenation to the whole body, relieves exhaustion and mental stress and restores body luster. It’s mainly indicated in case of facial paralysis, cataract, and headache. It also provides good sleep.

The treatment improves the functioning of Pranavayu (Breathing.) and revitalize sensory functions. It also promotes mucous secretions in the Para nasal sinus zone which reduces vascular congestion in the brain. Shirovasthi is extremely useful in vascular headaches, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorders, memory loss, disorientation, glaucoma and sinus headaches.


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