Shake on some salt and pepper and sprinkle just a bit of


Slice two large beefsteak tomatoes and put them in a shallow bowl, Add a handful of fresh basil leaves roughly chopped up and a handful or so of crumbled goat cheese. Shake on some salt and pepper and sprinkle just a bit of finely chopped garlic over the whole thing. Now pour about a third of a cup of best quality olive oil over the whole mess and let it stand for a couple of hours..

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canada goose factory outlet A: Yes, I track Apollo Tyres as well as MRF. Apollo Tyres is a stock which we liked at around Rs 80 85 levels and it has come down to Rs 60 because the market has taken acquisition of Cooper Tire very negatively. I remember when Santos was going in for Taro or when Tata Steel went in for an acquisition of Corus or Tata Motors went in for JLR, the market takes all sorts of big acquisition in a negative way, because the market is not liking anything which is going to stay in the balance sheet.. canada goose factory outlet

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canada goose outlet new york city Tampons Deemed Deadly WeaponsIn Texas it’s legal to bring a gun into a courtroom as long as it’s claimed, but not tampons. Women attending any court proceedings will canada goose jacket outlet sale find that they have to check their tampons and pads at the door, leaving it with security, why? Because they’ve been deemed deadly weapons in the state of Texas. This is an old policy that was recently brought to light when an anti abortion bill brought women in numbers to the courthouse. canada goose outlet new york city

official canada goose outlet Kane’s physical development can partly be attributed to his age he is still only 24, a fact that is often obscured by canada goose victoria parka outlet his mature demeanour. Though he is clearly in canada goose outlet ottawa decent nick, as Men’s Health can confirm, he is no Hulk. Nor is he, to use FIFA parlance, a “pace abuser” who relies on speed to beat defenders official canada goose outlet.

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