Medicated Herbal Bath

"Bathing and/or showering with medicated water"


It is not a treatment but a part of Dinacharya (daily routine). This is Usually advised for all the patients (with some rare exceptions) every day After treatment. As a daily routine, prescribed medicated oil is applied on the head and body before having bath.



The Snana (bath) is an essential part of this excellent system of medicine, which seeks to smooth the body and soul to regain the lost grace and harmony of a person's bio-balance.


Best For

  • It improves appetite, longivity, vigor and strength, removes itching, cleans out dirt & sweat
  • Suitable for everyone


• Wipe out the body and head and keep dry
• Wear dry and clean dress



According to the ailments and according to the constitutions, water boiled with suitable drugs is used for washing the body at lukewarm temperature. Boiled and cooled water often recommended for head bath.

Pouring hot water below the head is strengthening while the same over the head diminishes the strength of the hairs and eyes. Bathing should not be done without wetting the head, with very little water or with very cold water.



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