Relaxation Massage

""Full body massage including the head""


Head,neck and shoulder will be done in the sitting position and rest of the body in the lying position.


relaxes the body and mind.

Best For

  • Those who have a high level of mental or physical stress
  • Those who like to be more energetic and preserve the youthulness


It is recommended to have a steam bath afterwards or warm water shower after 30 minutes.


Relaxation massage is a whole body massage comprises of different techniques based on Abhyangam and udwathanam. This combination creates a deep penetration of the action of medicated oil into the tissues, opening the obstructed channels, helping to loosen the grip of the toxins lodged in joints and muscles.This treatment makes the body supple, increases the strength, reduces stress and nourishes the tissue. It is a thoroughly soothing and enjoyable process which enhances the blood circulation and soothe the skin.

The medicated oil is selected according to the condition of the patient. The significant amount of oil being absorbed by the skin also improves the skin texture providing smoothness of the skin.

 This treatment improves cognitive functions, stimulates the functions of the sense organs, provides sound sleep and reduces physical and mental stress. The massage of the head region relieves stress The treatment modulate the immune system.


  • Fever
  • Menstruation time.
  • Indigestion. Diarrhea. Vomiting.
  • Just after purification therapies.


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