""A combination of different treatment process to rejuvenate the body and mind""


This package aims increasing the physical strength and stamina and  enhancing spiritual vitality and mental strength.

It consists of powder massage,different types of oil  massages,Steam bath or different varieties of Kizhi, Purgation and Sirodhara  etc.according to doctor’s suggestion depending on the condition of the individual.

It is highly recommended for people who don’t have any particular serious illness.


_Powder massage helps to remove lymphatic blockage and increase venous circulation.Oil massages helps to make the muscles,joints ,tendons etc free from tension and the other sweating therapies like steam and different kizhis helps to open the channels and make the impurities move into the solar plexus to eliminate through purgation. Sirodhara strengthen the nervous system and thus the body and mind get rejuvenated.


_When the person arrives there will be a primary consultation with the doctor to realize the body condition and according to that the different treatment methods will be suggested and planned.The person are free to decide if want any medication.It will give good result if take food as per the doctor's suggestion.The dinner before the purgation day will be different than the normal food because this special food is meant for enhancing the purgation process .There will be special instruction regarding food and routine on and next day of purgation. Sirodhara followed by massage will be done after purgation.

Special care

_During the treatment time Swimming is allowed during Powder massage and normal oil massage period.Not allowed while doing sweating process like Kizhi and Sirodhara .Refrigerated food and drinks and fried food should be avoid.Better to take vegetarian food.


Trivandrum Airport pick-up & drop
Comfortable room with attached bathroom, hot & cold shower, daily room cleaning etc
Daily treatment up to 2 hours
Main consultation and daily consultation with ayurveda doctors
Daily 3 ayurveda meals and an ayurveda snack according to Dr’s suggestions
Lab test
All ayurvedic medicine during the treatment period
Warm ayurvedic herbal water around the clock

Today's Price

Period Pay Basic Standard Standard Plus Standard Delux Suite Wooden Loft Airy Wooden loft Airy White loft
14 Days Single 1664€ 1,750€ 1,911€ 2,140€ 2,419€ 2,434€ 2,501€ 2,585€
14 Days Double 2887€ 2,538€ 3152€ 2,797€ 3,133€ 3,540€ 3535€ 3447€


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