Rejuvenation massage

""A combination of relaxation massage and joint care massage including the stimulation of vital points." "


The head ,neck and shoulders will be massaged in sitting position.Then lying on the bed face down for doing posterior part of the body.Then face up to do anterior part and face.


 Gives relaxation to the muscles and  joints.Enhance arterial and venous circulation.Restore the strength of body and increase vitality.

Best For

  • Those who like to be more energetic and preserve youthfulness
  • Those who have  muscular rigidity and joint stiffness.


It is good to have  steam bath or warm water shower after 30 minutes.


This massage treatment nourishes the Dhatus (bodily tissues), delays the ageing process and rejuvenates the body. It increases the physical strength and stamina and strengthens the immune system, enhancing spiritual vitality and mental strength

It is a thoroughly soothing and rejoicing process which stimulates the blood circulation. The medicated oil, selected according to the condition of the patient, and the special massage technique, make that the effect of oil penetrates deep into the tissues, and opens the obstructed channels and loosening the grip of the toxins lodged in the joints. The absorption of oil into the skin improves the skin texture providing it with smoothness and softness

This whole body rejuvenating massage strengthens the muscle, improves the muscle tone and reduces the rigidity of the joints, reducing muscle wasting and spasm.

By stimulating the Marma (vital points), it can bring healing effect to specific areas of the mind-body system. Marma stimulation enlivens the harmonious coordination among Vata Doshas which in turn, orchestrate every neuron physiological mechanism in the body. This treatment modulates the immune system


It should be avoided in persons who are suffering from aggravation of Kapha related problems, weak,fever,influenza,who have just  undergone purification therapies and who are suffering from   gastritis.  It should also be avoided during Menstruation and pregnancy period till  8th  month.


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