""The rejuvenation therapy""


 Rasayana Chikitsa is the perfect rejuvenating Therapy.Real rejuvenation means all the Dhathus(Tissues)are in excellent condition. It is of two kinds; one is Kutipravesika and the other is Vatatapika.

     Kutipravesika is more beneficial because it is being performed with lot of restrictions and much care.It should be administered to persons who are self controlled and  are  undergone purification therapies including blood letting, in their early or middle age.

    For conducting Kutipravesika method the person should be admitted in a  clean special room with three apartments one inside the other .It has small windows,the main entrance face to north,free from smoke,sunlight,dust,wild animals,women etc.The place where the house situated should be equipped with all necessary equipment including medicines and is devoid of too much of breeze and other causes of fear.

         Vatatapika  method is recommended for the person who is not able to do Kutipravesika. In this method lot of medicinal recipes are advised which should be taken two weeks to one year duration.While taking the medicinal recipes if one gets ill should stop the intake and after curing the disease ok to continue.Among this recipes few are recommended to take after purgation for the others not necessary.


Long Life,Good memory, perfect health, great intelligence, youthfulness, bright complexion and color, bold voice and magnanimity, increase of strength in body and sense organs, perfection in speech, sexual power and brilliance.

 Best for

It is the best means of keeping the Rasa and the other Dhatus in excellent condition.



For Vatatapika method no need of treatment processes.For Kutipravesika the person should undergo Panchakarma.(Purification therapies such as Vamana,Virechana,Vasthi,Nasyam and Rakthamoksha.)The person who un


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