"Filling the mouth with medicated liquids"


Process of holding herbal medicated liquid in the buccal cavity for a specific period in its full capacity without allowing any free movement.  


• Gives strength to jaws and tones up the voice and facial muscles. • Helps to cognize tastes correctly and quickly due to the stimulation of the taste buds. • Prevents the dryness of mouth and throat. • Prevents excessive salivation and chapping of the lips. • Teeth become stronger and premature falling or loosening of teeth can be avoided. • Prevents inflammation of the gum and cheek. • Prevents tooth ache, anorexia, tingling sensation or numbness in teeth, gums and roots of teeth.  

Best For

Mouth ulcer, anorexia  


Wash the mouth with lukewarm water.



Gandusha is of 4 types
1) Snaihika (Lubricating)
2) Samana (Mitigating)
3) Sodhana (Purificatory)
4) Ropana (Healing)

Snaihika is indicated for diseases related to Vata and is made from the decoction of drugs which are sweet, sour and salt in taste and hot in potency, mixed with jelly materials and used warm. Samana is indicated for Pitta related diseases and is made from decoctions which are bitter, astringent and sweet in taste and cold in potency.

Sodhana for Kapha disorders and is made from decoction of drugs which are pungent, sour and salt in taste, hot in potency. Ropana cures ulceration of the mouth and is done by decoctions of drugs which are astringent and sweet in taste and cold in potency.


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