""Sudating of the body with herbal powder bag" "


This fomentation process is done by rubbing cotton bags filled with oleated herbal powder over the entire body.


Podikizhi is very effective for joint pain and swellings associated with the increased Kapha.

Best For

  • Those who have joint pain and/or swellings.
  • Those who have morbid Kapha.


You can have a medicated warm water shower.


Podikizhi is a stimulating warm bolus massage, using special herbal powders to reduce cellulite accumulations, improve the circulation and enhance your skin’s texture and appearance. We thoroughly soothens your body using a powerful mixture of Ayurvedic powders which will break up fatty deposits and enhancing blood circulation.

This remarkable treatment consists of natural nourishing ingredients such as chickpeas flour, turmeric powder and fenugreek powder. Turmeric powder strengthens the skin, relieves Kapha (mucus) and Vata (wind) and works great as an antiseptic.

While you indulge yourself in deep relaxation, the massage will remove excess heat from your body, enhancing circulation and drawing fresh energy to the surface of the skin. This is a wonderful treatment for those seeking to achieve a perfectly smooth, blemish-free, gleaming body


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