""A Royal oil bath where lukewarm oil is poured over the entire body " "


A type of fomentation where lukewarm oil is poured over the body while turning the body in seven different positions. This treatment starts with a full body massage and is followed by a medicated warm water bath.


It gives full relaxation to the muscles and mind, relieves the body from general weakness, stiffness, neurological problems, arthritis etc.

Best For

  •  Those who have rheumatic complaints especially rheumatoid arthritis, hemiplegia , paralysis.
  •  For all kinds of diseases of nervous system


Have a medicated warm water shower.


Pizhichil is the process, by which the warm medicated oil is applied to the body in 7 altering postures in the following order; 1) sitting position, 2) supine position, 3) left lateral position, 4) supine position, 5) right lateral position, 6) supine position and final 7) sitting position. Warm medicated oil, depending upon the condition of the patient, is poured all over the body by dipping a piece of cloth in the warm oil and squeezing it out uniformly from a fixed height all over the body from top to bottom. This procedure is done by 2 persons on each side. The oil is heated every now and then to maintain the temperature at 30-40 degree Celsius depending on the atmosphere temperature. Usually, this treatment is done for 7, 14 or 21 consecutive days.

Pizhichil is an excellent treatment for the body and mind. It is also a unique treatment for healthy people, providing rejuvenation to body and mind.


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