Khseera Dhoomam

"Sudation by applying steam through a tube"


It is a sudation process by applying steam coming through a tube. It is a type of Nadee Swedam also.


This relieves the muscle pull and improves the nerve functions  

Best For

  • Stiffness
  • Body ache
  • Catching pain of waist
  • Facial paralysis, lock jaw
  • Contraction of toes and fingers


Do gentle massage and if the condition is above the neck do a Nasya



The medicated decoction is prepared with milk and suitable herbs. Then it is boiled well until the steam is coming out from it. The decoction pot is sealed tight. A hole is made on the sides of the pot to which a hollow pipe is adjusted so that steam come out through it. The part of the body should be anointed with oil and the steam allowed over it with the patient comfortably sitting. The steam touching the skin in irregular/curvy routes, devoid of the intensity of heat and not burning the skin produces sweating easily and comfortably.

No fomentation should be administered over testicles, heart and eyes. Even if it is necessary to administer, it should be of mild type. Fomentation on other parts of the body could be according to the individual needs.


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