"Nourishing therapy by using special rice called Njavara."


After doing Abhyanga(oil massage)Njavarakizhi will be done.Then again apply warm oil all over the body .


It cures Arthritis,Muscular wasting, etc. This treatment is deeply relaxing, harmonizes, detoxifies, strengthens and revitalizes the entire body. It cools the body.

Best For

• Those who have high level of mental or physical stress. • Those who like to be more energetic and preserve their Youthfulness. •Those who suffer from muscle wasting or Arthritis.


Warm shower after 30 minutes.Should be away from wind and sun.


Njavara kizhi is a process of fomentation which induces oleation and sudation therapy simultaneously  in which a special type of rice called Njavara is cooked well  in milk and special herbal decoction(usually take root of sida Retusa belong to Malvacea family and  fill in cloth bags  called kizhi.This kizhi is dipped in boiling liquid mixture of milk and above said decoction  and rub gently all over the body thereby producing sweat and helps to open the channels.Through the opened pores the  essence from the mixture enter into channels and nourish the tissues.

It acts as a rejuvenator, enhances the glow of the skin and softens the body.It nourishes the tissues especially muscles ,bones and nerves.


Obesity, Fever, Infectious stage of Arthritis, Rheumatic fever, Menstruation period, Pregnancy.


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