sneha dhara

"Streaming and massage with oil"


The process of pouring oil over the whole body massaging it simultaneously is called Snehadhara (Sneha=oil and Dhara=pouring). It is of two types; Dhara over the whole body except the head and Dhara over the whole body including the head. For a really effective Sarvangadhara, at least five people are needed to attend a patient but now-a-days usually only two people perform this therapy. Before starting the therapy, oil should be applied on the head of the patient. The patient is then made to lay on a Droni with the two attendants on each side. With the use of Nozzled mud vessel or bronze pitchers (Kindis), oil which is kept warm throughout the course of the treatment, is poured synchronized over the body. While the attendants pour oil with their right hand, they also massage the patient using their left hand.



It gives full relaxation to the muscles and mind, relieves the body from general weakness, stiffness, neurological problems, arthritis etc


Best For

  • For people who need rejuvenation
  • For people who perform enormously every day
  • Suitable for everyone


Take medicated water bath according to the advice of the physician.



Snehadhara is a sudation and fomentation process in which oil is poured over the whole body and being massaged simultaneously. This treatment enhances the power of speech, stability of mind and physical strength and softness of the skin.


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