"Application of herbal paste on the head"


It is the application of medicated paste on the head, covered by leaves. It gives a mild sudation



Good for insomnia, psychological disorders, headaches, relaxes tension and stress condition, improves memory and mental capacity


Best For

  • Improving eye sight and all kinds of eye disease
  • Psychological disorders


After removing the paste, the head is wiped with dry cloth and massaged with medicated oil. Rest has to be taken for 2-3 hours and then have a herbal bath.



Depending upon the condition of the disease, the proper oil is selected and gently massaged on the head and body. After this full body massage a piece of cloth is tied around the head just above the eye brows to prevent the medicated paste dripping down. Herbs like Amla Mustha and Vitivera are powdered and made into a paste with the use of butter milk. This paste is applied on the scalp in uniform thickness (0.5cm) and afterwards covered with lotus or plantain leaves.

After one or one & half hours the covering and paste are removed. Thalapothichil is given only once on alternate days or daily for one week, this according to the clinical condition to be treated.



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