"Oleation to the eyes"


This is a treatment method for toning up the eye. Prescribed Medicate ghee/oil is retained on the eye for a specific time, sustained by a boundary made up of black gram powder paste around the eye. According to the condition of the disease, the medicated ghee/oil should be instilled.



It rectifies the damages related with the cells of the eyes  

Best For

  • Appearance of redness, sty
  • Inactive, dry, rough, injured, asymmetrical eye.
  • Loss of eye lashes.
  • Difficulty in opening and closing of eye lids.
  • Appearance of redness, sty
  • Glaucoma, sclerosis.
  • Swelling in the eye
  • Cataract
  • Trigeminal neuralgia


• The person should be given a smoke to get over Kapha increased by Tarpana
• The person should avoid exposure to intense light & extreme cold
• Reading must be avoided.



Depending upon the disease the suitable medicated ghee is selected. The patient should lie down comfortably in supine position. A circular wall of paste made out of black gram flour, about 2″ height and 2″ wide, is build around the eye. Liquefied medicated ghee is poured on the closed eye right up to the tip of the eyelashes. The patient will be asked to open the eyes slowly and retain the drug in the opened eyes for a while. After stipulated time the flat material should be removed.

The herbs used in the treatment have a high level of lipid solubility. This helps the easy absorption and also the tissue contact time and Bio-availability are more.


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