Joints care massage

""Full body massage focusing on the joints" "


Head,neck ,shoulder and arms will be done in the sitting position.Other part of the body will be done in the lying position giving importance to the joints.


It reduces the  rigidity and spasm of joints and makes the movements  easy and painless.

Best For

  • Relieving stiffness ,pain and inflammation of joints due to trauma or diseases affecting joints like Arthritis.
  • Sports injury
  • Occupational health hazards
  • Cure complications of fracture.


It is followed by a steam bath according to the condition and then warm water shower after 30 minutes.


Joint care massage is a whole body massage mainly concentrated on joints. It is best for rheumatic diseases like arthritis, reducing the stiffness of the joints and relieving the (local) pain and inflammation. The medicated oil is selected as per the condition of the patient and severity of the disease.

It  promotes the functional ability of the nerves, tendons and ligaments of the joints. It also helps to remove stiffness and sclerosis of blood vessel in the joint  and adhesive area. Also reduces the later complications of fracture and dislocations.


Not recommended just after purification therapies, while having fever,gastritis,menstruation,pregnancy.


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