"Application of Herbal paste"


Lepana is the external application of medicated paste on the body where pain is associated with inflammation.



This relieves the oedema caused by an accident, burn or trauma and also it improves the skin texture. Relieves muscle pain and joint swellings associated with rheumatic complaints


Best For

  • Those who suffering from muscle pain.
  • Those who had traumatic joints and muscles.
  • Rheumatic swelling and pain.


Clean the part with herbal water.



In Lepana the whole body or any particular part is made to perspire by means of the application of a kind of pudding prepared with rice of Njavara or paste of different herbal medication and decoction of medicine.

This treatment is effective in cases of rheumatoid arthritis, gout, fracture, paralysis, emaciation, vitamin deficiency disorders etc. It also cures joint stiffness and skin diseases and helps in the relief of local pain and inflammation. This treatment strengthens the muscles and tissues as well as it reduces inflammation and congestion in the joints.
It is also a unique treatment for healthy people in providing rejuvenation to their body and mind. It is usually done to reduce swelling, pain or inflammation of the joints.



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