jalooka avacharanam

"Bloodletting with leech"


A unique, non-surgical, bloodletting therapy. For this non poisonous leaches are used. The leaches are applied on the affected area of the body while the person is lying or sitting in a comfortable posture  


Relieves the diseases like Gout, herpes, abscess, leprosy and skin disease, abdominal tumors, hemorrhoids, poison and eye diseases like sty and blepharitis by sucking away the impure blood.


Best For

Those who have skin diseases Those who have eye diseases Other diseases mentioned below  


Bandage with suitable medicines. Avoid exercises, excess heat, cold and day sleeping.



Leeches are in two types; poisonous and non poisonous. The patient who is to be treated should sit in a comfortably position. The part of the body selected for the application of the leach will be made a little rough by rubbing it with mud before the leech is applied to the spot. If it does not stick on, one or two drops of milk ghee or blood should be put on the spot or a small incision is made on the body of the patient to get a drop of blood.

In case the leaches breathe very fast and drink the blood quickly by shaking the head rapidly they should be covered with a wet cloth on which cold water is sprinkled over little by little. When the patient experiences pricking pain and itching at the sides of the spot, the leech should be removed. This is the sign that all the impure blood has been removed (sucked out) and thus protect the pure blood.



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