It was created 12 years ago in concert with the United Nations


So, if you get a piece of information and want to verify it, simply do a re check. But before you do this re check, find a quiet place, a place where you can spend a little time alone. A place where you can breathe and quiet your body and mind a bit..

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cheap moncler coats JOHN BURNETT, BYLINE: The International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala is known by its Spanish acronym CICIG. It was created 12 years ago in concert with the United Nations around the idea that military and government elites cannot continue plundering public funds if this enfeebled country was to move forward after three decades of savage civil war. Since then, the commission has racked up an impressive record 310 convictions, 34 legal reforms submitted to the Guatemalan Congress, two former presidents currently in jail on corruption charges and the sitting president is under investigation for campaign finance shenanigans.. cheap moncler coats

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