God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame


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canada goose store 50 points submitted 2 days agoThat’s not true though. The average income of a Trump voter is 50k a year. The poor have always been mostly Democrats they just vote Canada Goose Jackets less because they’re less likely to be canada goose clearance able to canada goose uk outlet afford to take off work for a day to vote, or canada goose black friday sale have transportation to the polls, or to have IDs. That’s why Republicans are the ones always trying to block efforts to make it easier to vote. canada goose They claim Canada Goose Online it’s because of “voter fraud” but that’s been proven to be a basically nonexistent problem, it’s really because they don’t want the poor to vote buy canada goose jacket since they tend canada goose uk shop to be Democrats.Zomunieo 47 points submitted 3 days agoWith that line Trump (accidentally) played into a canada goose coats on sale trope in the Bible that it the poor, meek, downtrodden, underdogs who are the “salt of the earth”, who are chosen by God. It conceited and lazy to the core.God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose things Canada Goose Parka that are powerless to shame those who are cheap canada goose uk powerful.Amusingly this was written Paul the canada goose outlet sale apostle Canada Goose Outlet after he preached his gospel to Athenian philosophers, and (reading between the lines a little) got his ass handed to him.drysart 20 points submitted 3 days agoRealistically, you probably right. But there an outside chance that uk canada goose should the Blue Wave in November come out overwhelmingly enough, it scare Canada Goose online enough GOP senators into supporting buy canada goose jacket cheap impeachment lest canada goose store they have to run against that same angry electorate and lose their own seats in 2020.Impeachment is a political process, not a legal process; and if the political situation makes it too toxic to continue to support Trump (as an overwhelming outcome in November would indicate), senators will start flipping on him.There are recordings from 3 4 decades ago of republicans flat out telling people they don want everyone to vote because the more people vote, the worse republicans do. That why you seen concerted effort across the country over the last several decades specifically to disenfranchise voters.voter id lawsgaining control of voting locationspurging voter uk canada goose outlet rollsfailure to reinstate voter rights to felonsthe whole war on drugs that targeted the drugs of choice for minorities (make them felons that can vote)This shit is all tied together and it all propagated by ONE FUCKING PARTY.p_oI 483 points submitted 5 days agoThe darkest timeline for Huffman would be if something like a disaster of the magnitude necessary to collapse normal civilization occurs. That when he finds out all his “leadership” skills are really just the ability to write a check and be a bullying asshole. In most primate groups members that act like him get beaten to death by the other apes with their bodies abandoned for the carrion eaters. Only an advanced civilization lets people like spez thrive. Some of these prepper fetishists are in for a very rude awakening if their fantasies ever came true.As a practicing Christian, it is my belief that the co opting of Christianity by the radical religious right has had the opposite effect of what they desire: They have actually driven more people away from Christ Canada Goose Coats On Sale than otherwise. And Millennials are the most likely to be repulsed by their actions.On a side note, it is obvious that Trump has ripped canada goose clearance sale the mask off the Evangelicals and exposed them for what they are.I would completely agree with this statement. The intense push on social issues like LGBT rights by the far religious right in this country has turned off an entire generation.ItsAConspiracy 21 points submitted 1 cheap Canada Goose month agoUnless you exclude the first canada goose coats couple million, canada goose factory sale it would also make it basically impossible canadian goose jacket for middle class people to retire.Safe withdrawal rate is 4% at best, and really more like 3% if you want to be sure you don canadagooseoutletjackets.com run out of money. If you Canada Goose sale taxed 2% on top of that, you have to save at least twice as much for retirement. The $12K/year canada goose uk black friday offsets that a bit but not by much.That without even considering that people do some of their retirement savings outside of tax advantaged accounts, and 2% annually means you end up with a lot less money canada goose store.

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