"Retaining herbal extract over the eyes"


Like Tarpana, the suitable medicated juices of medicinal plants are instilled in the eyes.



Usually done after Tarpana to strengthen the eyes and make it to withstand bright light.


Best For

  • Appearance of redness, sty
  • Inactive, dry, rough, injured, asymmetrical eye.
  • Loss of eye lashes.
  • Difficulty in opening and closing of eye lids.
  • Appearance of redness, sty
  • Glaucoma, sclerosis.
  • Swelling in the eye
  • Cataract
  • Trigeminal neuralgia


• Inhalation of smoke of medicated drug.
• Avoid bright light, cold & wind.



Snehana, Lekhana and Ropana are the 3 kinds of Putapaka. Snehana is specified for dry eye, Lekhana for the eyes which are having thick and unctuous secretions, where as Ropana is ideal for strengthening the vision and curing ulcers and disorders of Pitta Raktha and Vata. The classification is based on the Matrakala (time taken to blink the eye lid once; 200:100:300 respectively), the disease condition and the medicaments used.

The medicated juice is prepared with the prescribed medicine and liquids. The substance is covered with leaves or cotton cloth and coated in mud until it becomes dry. Then it is placed mainly on cowding fire become until red hot and allows cooling down. After that the mud coat will be peeled off and the medicated juice extracted from the substance.



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