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Ayurveda Beach Resort
Ayurveda Beach Resort Ayurveda Beach Resort OceanoCliff

The Oceano offers the complete range of Ayurvedic treatments.

Ayurveda, the 5000 year-old science, advises on how to achieve longevity and rejuvenation with the aim to prevent you from diseases or support you in the cure of diseases.

Kerala is known as the soul of Ayurveda so here is where you find the most professional treatments and most experienced doctors and masseurs. The herbal formulas are preserved from generation to generation.

And this is how we handle it at The Oceano too!
Our experienced team creates individual treatment programs according to your personal needs. We offer many wonderful healing and young-promoting herbal formulas that strengthen the immune system while correcting the underlying imbalance. A professional team of Doctors and therapists is available for your well-being. We prepare customized treatments from Relax-Therapy to long term curing processes after a detailed consultation because Your personal goal is our goal.

Ayurveda & Siddha

You as connoisseurs of Ayurveda, or at least interested person, the basics of Ayurveda are well known: the ancient healing therapy for live energy and wellbeing. But the Indian art of healing knows a second, additional philosophy, the Siddha.

Siddha widens Ayurvedic treatments and goes even deeper. Besides the analysis of puls the Siddha diagnosis also considers respiration and eight more testing-levels up to the important indication of the length of your underarm.
The speciality of the Siddha method is to focus on specific healing herbs and medicines also against physical aging. Influences from alchemy and astrology play a major role, too, as well as yoga, meditation and tantric practices. Foremost the reawakening of vital points in your body, deeply covered in tissues, will be stimulated.

Supported by this deeper going method we are once again your perfect partner fort he healig of your chronicle diseases and for your general wellbeing.

You may ask why not every center offers this deeper going treatments. On the one hand we always make an effort to develop us and our Ayurvedic team. In this case the development is not directed

Ayurveda Beach Resort
Ayurveda Beach Resort Ayurveda Beach Resort Ayurveda Beach Resort
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