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Ayurveda Beach Resort
Ayurveda Beach Resort Ayurveda Beach Resort Ayurveda Beach Resort
  February, 20th 2006
Namo Namah dear Oceano-Crew
(Babu, Viju, Sanju, Barbara & Neal, Vijaï, Oscar and all the others),

we are finally back to Switzerland, or almost back... perhaps we are still floating somewhere between India and Switzerland over the Indian Ocean. The adaptation to the European climat and particularly to the western mentality and culture is somehow difficult. We still percieve the smell of Indian fragrances and we still hear the chants of the birds and the Indian rythme of music, we still feel the colours and the beautiful dresses, the warmhearted contact with people, the grace of Indian women and the beauty of the sunset over the sea...
...We would like to tell you how much we have appreciated our stay in India, in Kerala, in Varkala and in Oceano Cliff Resort. It has been like filling up our body, soul and mind with all the lightful energy of the sparkling life. The kind availability and receptivness of the crew and the resulting warm atmosphere in Oceano have been really beneficial. Especially your search for authentic care in Ayurveda and for fair trade in human and professional relationships makes Oceano be a very special place in which we are really happy to have spent two wonderful weeks! We hope to stay in contact and to come back soon!
We hope that you are all fine and in good health. May your daily work be guided by divine inspiration leading you to personal blossoming and bringing welfare all around you!

With warm regards,
Simone and Jean-Pierre - Switzerland

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Ayurveda Beach Resort Ayurveda Beach Resort Ayurveda Beach Resort
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