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Njavara kizhi is a process of fomentation which induces oleation and sudation therapy simultaneously  in which a special type of rice called Njavara is cooked well  in milk and special herbal decoction(usually take root of sida Retusa belong to Malvacea family and  fill in cloth bags  called kizhi.This kizhi is…

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Rasayana Chikitsa

This is performed after setting up a suitable griha (home) for the appropriation. The person is treated with various procedures viz snehana, swedana and panchakarmas during the course of the treatment with prescribed medication of rasayana properties. This is usually performed in courses duration lasts for weeks.  

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sarvanga dhara

Sarvangadhara is the process by which the warm medicated oil or medicated milk is applying to the body. Warm medicated oil or milk depending upon the condition of the patient is poured on the body either by a handy vessel or by dipping a piece of cloth in the warm…

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sneha dhara

Snehadhara is a sudation and fomentation process in which oil is poured over the whole body and being massaged simultaneously. This treatment enhances the power of speech, stability of mind and physical strength and softness of the skin.  

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Vajeekarana Chikitsa

Vajeekarana chikitsa is Aphrodisiac Therapy deals with treatment to nourish the reproductive tissue and cure diseases like impotence sterility etc.and makes man sexually strong. The treatment procedures are internal oleation,different types of  external oleation therapies,Purgation,Decoction enema,oil enema,Nasal therapy,Sirodhara etc..accompanied by special food like milk, meat soup etc. and aphrodisiac medical…

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