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Ayurvedic & Siddha treatments differ from the majority of conventional cures in its unique approach towards healing. The principle of treating the sick and not the sickness is central to all forms of Ayurvedic & Siddha Treatments. Rather than trying to cure a disease in isolation, Ayurveda & Siddha take into account an individual in his entirety.

“Samadosha samagnischa samadhatu malakriya Prasanna atma indrianam manah swastha itih abhidhiyate.”

Having a balanced state of doshas, agni (digestive fire), dhatus (tissues) normal functioning of mala (waste products), cheerful state of atman (soul), sensory organs and mind are the symptoms of healthy life.

Our treatments lay emphasis on examining the doshas/prakriti or the natural states of individuals before proceeding. The prakriti or the physical constitution, susceptibility to diseases, mental make-up and lifestyle of an individual is ascertained in accordance to the elemental constitution of the larger prakriti or the universe.


Abhyanga is a popular full body massage done from Head to Feet along the body. The word Abhyanga comes from the Sanskrit ,it  means "massaging  along the body from head to feet". It is very beneficial for both healthy and diseased persons especially who are suffering from disorders of nervous…

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It is a type of Drava Sweda. A medicated decoction liquid is prepared according to the disease condition and is filled in the tub. After anointing the full body with oil the person sits or lies in the tub for prescribed time. The temperature the liquid is maintained steady by…

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In Ayurveda "Bashpa" literally means "Steam". In this treatment steam is applied evenly to the entire body except the head as it cannot tolerate high temperature. The special made steam chamber is constructed of wood with a thermostat that allows temperature to be easily controlled. The person entire body is…

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The treatment starts with a full body Abyanga (Oil massage). The Damyaamla is poured over the entire body at the distance of 8cm (4 angula) and in uniform direction. This is done only during day time and is mainly done in the 7 changing postures. For the best result it is…

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Elakizhi is a process of fomentation which induces oleation and sudation therapy simultaneously. Elakizhi is a variety of Bashpa Sweda in Which Vatahara leaves are made into bolus. This treatment is particularly Effective in conditions such as gout and arthritis where the joints are inflamed and painful. The combination of heat,…

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Gandusha is of 4 types 1) Snaihika (Lubricating) 2) Samana (Mitigating) 3) Sodhana (Purificatory) 4) Ropana (Healing) Snaihika is indicated for diseases related to Vata and is made from the decoction of drugs which are sweet, sour and salt in taste and hot in potency, mixed with jelly materials and…

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jalooka avacharanam

Leeches are in two types; poisonous and non poisonous. The patient who is to be treated should sit in a comfortably position. The part of the body selected for the application of the leach will be made a little rough by rubbing it with mud before the leech is applied…

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Jambeera Pinda Swedam

This is one of the popular therapies of Keraliya Panchakarma. It is a process of fomentation which induces oleation and sudation simultaneously. Poultices being used are prepared as a small cotton bag filled with lemon fruit and other medicated herbs according to the condition of the disease. After a full…

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Suitable liquid is to be poured in the mouth not filling it fully. The Kabala movements should be up to the level of the Kantha (throat). Hence it can be compared with gargles.  

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karna pooranam

The patient should lie in lateral position. The lukewarm medicine is poured in to one ear holding it there for few minutes. The root of the ear is massaged till the pain subsides and in case of painless conditions the oil is retained for the time specified.  

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It is a process in which the medicated oil is applied in the container made with black gram dough built around the lumbar-sacral area. It is beneficial in muscle spasm, rigidity of the lower spine and strengthening the bone tissue in that area. It has a great lubricating effect on…

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Khseera Dhoomam

The medicated decoction is prepared with milk and suitable herbs. Then it is boiled well until the steam is coming out from it. The decoction pot is sealed tight. A hole is made on the sides of the pot to which a hollow pipe is adjusted so that steam come…

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ksheere dhara

Depending upon the body constitution different herbs are selected for the preparation of decoction like sandalwood, vetiver, cyperus, green gram, black gram etc. as per the condition of the patient . This relaxing treatment bestows energy and preserves the youthfulness. It also relieves mental or physical stress.  

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In Lepana the whole body or any particular part is made to perspire by means of the application of a kind of pudding prepared with rice of Njavara or paste of different herbal medication and decoction of medicine. This treatment is effective in cases of rheumatoid arthritis, gout, fracture, paralysis,…

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Medicated Herbal Bath

According to the ailments and according to the constitutions, water boiled with suitable drugs is used for washing the body at lukewarm temperature. Boiled and cooled water often recommended for head bath. Pouring hot water below the head is strengthening while the same over the head diminishes the strength of…

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Mukha Lepam

A special paste prepared out of medicated herbs is applied on the face and remained for about 20 - 30 min until it has dried. The Lepas should be freshly prepared and always be applied in the opposite direction of the hair follicles as the drugs gets absorbed through hair…

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Nasyam is the application of medicines or medicated oils through the nasal passage. The Nasyam Karma is considered the best and the most specific procedure for diseases of the head and neck. The procedure purges and rejuvenates the tissues and organs of the head and neck. It removes the Ama…

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The preparation for Nirooha vasthi is same as for sneha vasthi. But administrating before meals. The combination of medicated oils, powder, rocksalt, honey, or jaggery and decoction are mixed following a manner to prepare the medication of the procedure. Special made instruments(applicators) are used to performed function. The regimen for…

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Njavara kizhi is a process of fomentation which induces oleation and sudation therapy simultaneously  in which a special type of rice called Njavara is cooked well  in milk and special herbal decoction(usually take root of sida Retusa belong to Malvacea family and  fill in cloth bags  called kizhi.This kizhi is…

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Pancha??? means five. Panchakarma represents five cleansing methods .The following treatments  are  the five detoxifying methods: Nasyam: (Nasal therapy)Applying  herbal juice or medicated oil or herbal powder into nostrils. Vamana: (Vomiting therapy)Therapeutic vomiting by oral intake of medical preparation. This treatment is done for the aggravated kapha dosha and thus dislodges the toxins…

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This treatment provides rejuvenation to the whole body and relieves exhaustion, mental stress and restores body luster. It's mainly indicated in case of facial paralysis, cataract, headache and also provides good sleep. It relieves hot sensation of the head and improves blood circulation to the brain. The treatment improves the…

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Pizhichil is the process, by which the warm medicated oil is applied to the body in 7 altering postures in the following order; 1) sitting position, 2) supine position, 3) left lateral position, 4) supine position, 5) right lateral position, 6) supine position and final 7) sitting position. Warm medicated…

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Podikizhi is a stimulating warm bolus massage, using special herbal powders to reduce cellulite accumulations, improve the circulation and enhance your skin's texture and appearance. We thoroughly soothens your body using a powerful mixture of Ayurvedic powders which will break up fatty deposits and enhancing blood circulation. This remarkable treatment…

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The part of the body above the site should be tightly bound, either with rope or a leather strap. Tendons, joints, bones and vital spots are avoided and pricking is done from the lower region to upwards. The impure blood will ooze away. After cleaning the area, bandage with suitable…

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Snehana, Lekhana and Ropana are the 3 kinds of Putapaka. Snehana is specified for dry eye, Lekhana for the eyes which are having thick and unctuous secretions, where as Ropana is ideal for strengthening the vision and curing ulcers and disorders of Pitta Raktha and Vata. The classification is based…

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Rasayana Chikitsa

This is performed after setting up a suitable griha (home) for the appropriation. The person is treated with various procedures viz snehana, swedana and panchakarmas during the course of the treatment with prescribed medication of rasayana properties. This is usually performed in courses duration lasts for weeks.  

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sarvanga dhara

Sarvangadhara is the process by which the warm medicated oil or medicated milk is applying to the body. Warm medicated oil or milk depending upon the condition of the patient is poured on the body either by a handy vessel or by dipping a piece of cloth in the warm…

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In Ayurveda, the mind and the body are influencing each other. So there can be no physical health without mental health and vice versa. Shiro Dhara is one part or feature of the ancient Hindu holistic medical practice of Ayurveda. "Shiro Dhara" is a Sanskrit word combining two words; "Shiro"…

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This is one of the important external oleation methods in which Medicated oil is retained over the head with the help of specially designed elongated leather cap. It provides rejuvenation to the whole body, relieves exhaustion and mental stress and restores body luster. It's mainly indicated in case of facial…

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sneha dhara

Snehadhara is a sudation and fomentation process in which oil is poured over the whole body and being massaged simultaneously. This treatment enhances the power of speech, stability of mind and physical strength and softness of the skin.  

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