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Whatever be your objective: stress management, detoxification, curing specific ailments or prevention of the same, weight reduction or anti-ageing, our professional team will be your partner in this process.

First of all we take stock of how life in the fast lane has treated you. Then a regimen will be worked out – a regimen that encompasses rhythmic full body massages, according treatment with the medicated oils & other medicines, Yoga, Ayurvedic diets, each working in its own way to strengthen the immune system, enhance vitality and increase longevity.

Cardio Vascular Care

Cardio Vascular (HRITH ROGA CHIKITHSA) Tridoshas become vitiated by incorrect life style, diet, improper exercise leads to the derangement and accumulation of toxins (Ama Visham) in the blood it may block or damage the major channels leading to cardio vascular disorders. Ayurveda and Siddha recommends the curative and prophylactic treatments…

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Gastro Intestinal Care

Gastro Intestinal (AGNI DEEPANA CHIKITHSA)              According to Ayurveda and Siddha all deceases are caused due to the vitiation of the three Doshas. The main cause for this vitiation is the disturbance of the gastro intestinal tract (improper Agni which leads to improper digestion). In…

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Gynaecological Care

Gynaecological (STHREE ROGA CHIKITHSA) Women are considered and blessed as they are having the creative power of the world so Ayurveda and Siddha has given prime importance to the health of women. Unhealthy diet, improper or lack of exercise, improper postures and improper sex may lead to vitiation of Vata,…

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Infertility Treat

Infertility Treat (VRISHYA CHIKITSA)            Fertility is fruitfulness, sweetness, wetness and happiness of life. For conceiving a healthy child parents should be “SWASTHA??? (Fully Healthy) which means having balanced 3 Doshas, balanced Agni, properly formed Dhatus, proper elimination of Malas (waste), well functional bodily processes and…

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Joint care

Joint (VATHA VYADHI CHIKITHSA) Joint (Sandhi) are the location were two or more bones connects. Bones (Asthi) are basically KAPHA and functionally VATHA. An unhealthy diet & improper postures in daily activities may lead to the aggravation of VATHA and derangement of KAPHA. This cause 80 different types of Vatha…

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Liver Care

Liver Detoxification (KAMILA SHUDHI) Live (Yakrit) is the site of Ranjaka pitta and is connected with Raktha Vaha Srotas. It is having the function of purifying the blood. Our untimely unhealthy food habits, fast food culture, tinned and packed preservatives, artificial chemical flavor added foods, modern drugs/medication etc will increase…

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Neuro Care

Neuro (NAADI ROGA CHIKITHSA) The vitiation of Humours (mainly VATHA) along with Blood (RAKTA) may lead to obstruction of channels (SPROTHAS), which eventually causes neurological disorders. According to Siddha Varma and Naadi Shastra, neurological disorders are caused due to; AGA KARANA NOI (internal factors) like infectious disease, genetic factors, karma…

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Obesity Treatment

Obesity Treat (MEDHO HARA)Excessive accumulation of body fat (MEDAS) is the main causative   factor for obesity (STHOWLYAM). It causes 8 kinds of major defects, such as – diminishing life span, quick onset of senility, difficulty in performing sex or copulation, bad smell of the body, excessive hunger, profound thrust…

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"Pancha" means five. Panchakarma represents five cleansing methods .The following treatments  are  the five detoxifying methods: Nasyam: (Nasal therapy)Applying  herbal juice or medicated oil or herbal powder into nostrils. Vamana: (Vomiting therapy)Therapeutic vomiting by oral intake of medical preparation. This treatment is done for the aggravated kapha dosha and thus dislodges the toxins…

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 Rasayana Chikitsa is the perfect rejuvenating Therapy.Real rejuvenation means all the Dhathus(Tissues)are in excellent condition. It is of two kinds; one is Kutipravesika and the other is Vatatapika.      Kutipravesika is more beneficial because it is being performed with lot of restrictions and much care.It should be administered to…

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This package aims increasing the physical strength and stamina and  enhancing spiritual vitality and mental strength. It consists of powder massage,different types of oil  massages,Steam bath or different varieties of Kizhi, Purgation and Sirodhara  etc.according to doctor's suggestion depending on the condition of the individual. It is highly recommended for…

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This package aims to relax the body and mind. It consists of powder massage,different types of oil  massages,Steam bath and Sirodhara according to doctor's suggestion depending on the condition of the individual. It is highly recommended for people who don't have any particular serious illness.

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Renal Care

Renal (SIRUNEER ROGA CHIKITHSA)              The derangement of the 3 humours (3 DOSHAS) due to unhealthy food habits and improper life style leads to vitiation of Apana Vayu (the force for the downward movements) which leads to accumulation of toxins in the body, because of…

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Respiratory Care

Respiratory (WELEERAL CHIKITHSA)              PRAN means Life and PRANA means breath. Without Prana, Pran can’t sustain. In this modern world air, food, water and land are getting polluted and thereby reducing the quantity & quality of breathing. This causes derangement in ten kinds of VATHA…

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Skin Care

Skin (TWAK ROGA CHIKITHSA) The SKIN (Twak) manifests itself through Bhirajaka Pitta (glow of the skin), one of the five subdoshas of Pitta. Our skin differentiates into 7 layers which protects our body from external conditions. Any derangement of Pitta, Raktha (blood) along with other humors may leads to the…

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Special Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is an Auto immune disease affecting the nervous system due to the  demyelination of central nervous system.It is characterized by the plaques formed at the different areas of white matter of central nervous system. The diagnostic methods are CSF to detect the presence of T lymphocytes , MRI…

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Vajeekarana Chikitsa

Vajeekarana chikitsa is Aphrodisiac Therapy deals with treatment to nourish the reproductive tissue and cure diseases like impotence sterility etc.and makes man sexually strong. Benefits It bestows contentment, nourishment, children of good quality, continuity of progeny, the person become capable to have serial encounter with the woman with great strength…

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Wellness(SWASTHA VIRTHAM) Samadosha Samagnischa Samadhatu Malakriya Prasannatmendriya mana: swstayityabhdheeyate These Sloka defines describes the symptoms of SWASTHA (a healthy individual).Ayurveda’s ultimate aim is:“Swasthasya Swastya Rakshanam, Aathurasys Vikaraprasamanam??? which means- protecting the body form the disease is better than treating and cure. In this package we will help to maintain the good health…

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