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In Ayurveda there is a great difference and unavoidable connection between massages and treatment. All treatments commence with a massage to relax the body and mind. Herewith the body and mind are slowly prepared for the actual treatment. Special oils are being used depending on the condition of the patient.

In the meantime this stimulation of tissues improves the blood circulation refreshing you with new energy. It softens the skin, muscles and releves tension, calming and strengthening the nervous system. A daily practice of massage remains you young, vital and relaxed.

Here under you can read more about our different Ayurveda massages.


Abhyanga is a popular full body massage done from Head to Feet along the body. The word Abhyanga comes from the Sanskrit ,it  means "massaging  along the body from head to feet". It is very beneficial for both healthy and diseased persons especially who are suffering from disorders of nervous…

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Foot massage

This is the special technique practicing only in Kerala as a part of 'Marma chikitsa'.It is to make the body flexible by making the muscles soft.So it is a popular therapy among people who are performing Kalaripayattu(The Kerala martial art)and Kathakali artists.( Kerala traditional dance)

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Joints care massage

Joint care massage is a whole body massage mainly concentrated on joints. It is best for rheumatic diseases like arthritis, reducing the stiffness of the joints and relieving the (local) pain and inflammation. The medicated oil is selected as per the condition of the patient and severity of the disease.…

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Rejuvenation massage

This massage treatment nourishes the Dhatus (bodily tissues), delays the ageing process and rejuvenates the body. It increases the physical strength and stamina and strengthens the immune system, enhancing spiritual vitality and mental strength It is a thoroughly soothing and rejoicing process which stimulates the blood circulation. The medicated oil,…

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Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage is a whole body massage comprises of different techniques based on Abhyangam and udwathanam. This combination creates a deep penetration of the action of medicated oil into the tissues, opening the obstructed channels, helping to loosen the grip of the toxins lodged in joints and muscles.This treatment makes…

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