Ayurveda Syllabus

A great beginning for anyone interested in pursuing Ayurveda professionally or personally. Learn the core concepts of Ayurveda, including its philosophical approach and its practical applications. You’ll delve into study and practice as you discover the power of this ancient science to create health and well-being. You’ll be learning with leading teachers, practicing yoga, eating nourishing foods, and much more, all in the beautiful seaside setting of Varkala, in the state of Kerala in South India.

Highlights of what you will study during this training include:

– The origin of Ayurveda, its branches, thridoshas, sapthadhathus (seven tissues), shadrasas (six tastes), definition of disease, qualities of physician, drugs etc. ras
– Daily Regime
– Seasonal Regime
– Prevention of diseases
– Nature of food materials
– Protection of foods
– Proper quantity of food
– Knowledge of dosas
– Classification of dosas
– Treatment of dosas
– The two kinds of treatments
– Properties of massage oil

– Abhyanga – Self massage
– Udwarthanam – Powder massage
– Shirodhara – Forehead oil treatment to harmonize the senses
– Relaxation massage
– Rejuvination Massage
– Joint Massage
Level 2 and Level 3 will include additional advanced theories and techniques.


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