"Sudation by applying special paste"


It is a type of Anagnisveda (fomentation without involving the direct application of fire). Application of paste prepared with different types of drugs/herbs applied on the affected area of the body when it is still warm, then bandaging it with animal skin, wool or leaves.



To reduce pain and to heal the wound by increasing the blood supply to the affected part, for head ache, hydrocele, Kroshtuka Sheersham.


Best For

Mainly Vataja disorders.  


After removing the paste take rest for half an hour. When the patient feels comfortable he can have the medicated herbal bath.



In Upanaham the poultice should be prepared with wheat chips, barley flour, mixed with acidic preparation, unctuous substance, yeast and salt or with fragrant substances mixed with oil.

This paste is applied on the affected body part and bandaged with leather. In case of non availability, silk or a woolen blanket may be used for this purpose. The leather bandage may be regarded as an Anagnisveda. Normally, when the bandage applied in the night, it should be removed in the morning and the one applied during the day in the evening. In the winter the duration of bandage may be prolonged.



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