"Full body oil massage done along the body."


Special herbal Ayurvedic oils are chosen according to the condition of the patient. Before use, the oil is slightly warmed up and gently massaged on the Head, External ears, Nevus, Palm and Feet followed by body on downward direction. This procedure usually done in seven postures.


The massage deeply relaxes, harmonizes, strengthens and revitalizes the entire body. It also improves the arterial blood circulation and stimulates the immune system.

 Daily practice of Abhyanga endows the person with youthfulness and decreases Vata problems .

Best For

  • Those who have a high level of mental stress or physical stress
  • Those who like to be more energetic and preserve their youthfulness


It is recommended to do steam bath immediately after Abhyanga.Hot water bath should be taken 30 mts after the process.


Abhyanga is a popular full body massage done from Head to Feet along the body.

The word Abhyanga comes from the Sanskrit ,it  means “massaging  along the body from head to feet”. It is very beneficial for both healthy and diseased persons especially who are suffering from disorders of nervous system.”Vata”the king among Tridoshas which make the nervous system and Endocrine system functionate properly is predominant in tactile sense organ (skin).Oil is the best to alleviate Vata ,hence oil massage is good for strengthening the body and mind.

Abhyanga can increase the production of white blood corpuscles and antibodies, which provide more resistance against viruses and diseases. This helps the defense mechanism in the body and increases immunity towards environmental changes. In this way Abhyanga is a protector, preserver and  rejuvenating, increasing self-confidence and will power. In Ayurveda the Abhyangam massage is described as:

1. Jarahar (anti aging)
2. Shram Har (fatigue reliever)
3. Vata Har (pacifies the Vata)
4. Drishti Prasad Kar (improve sight)
5. Pushti Kar (nourishing)
6. Ayu Kar (provides longevity)
7. Swapna Kar (induces sleep)
8. Twak Dridh Kar (strengthens the skin)
9. Klesh Sahatwa (provides resistance against disease and disharmony)
10. Abhighat Sahatwa (resistance to injuries & power to recover quickly)
11. Kapha Vata Nirodhak – Subsides ailments caused by Vata and Kapha
12.Drida Varna Bala Prad – It maintains body strength, skin health and also improves the color and texture of the skin


It should be avoided in persons who are suffering from aggravation of Kapha related problems,fever,influenza,who have just  undergone purification therapies and who are suffering from   gastritis.  It should also be avoided during Menstruation and pregnancy period till  8th  month.


Euro 24/- for one time or you can pay in Indian Rupees at the resort

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